Welcome to the School of Regulation

A community committed to practicing creating a new way of life. Fully in your body. Fully Alive

So, you’ve done talk therapy, spent thousands on coaches, online courses, read tons of books, listened to all the podcasts, diligently ‘completed’ your shadow work… 

And now it’s time for the next level.

The School of Regulation is a space for conscious humans who are actively overcoming trauma to master self-trust, own their personal power, and share their magic with the world.

It's time to make SELF-TRUST the foundation you operate from—in every moment.

If you find that even after all the work you’ve done, you’re still reactive to life, stuck in similar patterns, and numbing yourself out to cope… 

This is the place for you. 

There is nothing like The School of Regulation anywhere online. 

More than a course or a program, more than a meeting, more than a container with content and education—The School of Regulation is a magical mix of Hogwarts meets the Matrix ✨ 

It’s a school for nervous system regulation. 

It’s a community space where we practice living with self-trust and pursuing a life of freedom, together. 

At The School of Regulation, we’ll take everything we’ve learned in therapy, coaching, courses, and more to create the life, business, and relationships we ✨ desire and deserve ✨

What do you really get when you join us?

The School of Regulation is a program, a community, a mentorship, and a safe support system all in one. 

After so many years of feeling misunderstood or like we were ‘too much'...

After numbing ourselves out with TV binges, too much sugar, chaos, sex, or dysfunctional relationships… 

After trying everything to ‘fix ourselves’ and still feeling overwhelmed and reactive to life… 

✨ This is your one-stop shop for making healing a way of life ✨

Together, we will practice loving the skin we’re in and developing massive confidence in our messy, imperfect selves! 

After a year in The School of Regulation, members of this community are: 

  • Secure in their boundaries & their relationships like never before
  • Confident in their leadership & in their career/business 
  • Taking more risks, having more sex, and having more fun! 
  • More comfortable being vulnerable, intimate, & cleaning up conflict
  • Asking for what they want & need without hesitation 
  • Trusting their hearts & allowing them to lead their decision-making
  • Quitting soul-sucking jobs & making more money 
  • Living more consciously day in and day out 
  • Full of self-love & self-trust!

What's included?

Your monthly or annual membership includes tools for your personal development and growth, such as:

  • Weekly-released new content
  • Private, live Q&A sessions with me or special guests 
  • Trauma-informed coaching exercises 
  • 24/7 access to self-guided programs & foundational workshops on topics such as polyvagal theory, attachment styles, coping patterns, and creating internal safety
  • Journal prompts & practical assignments
  • Regroovin’ Regulation games & play
  • Nervous system toning exercises
  • Add-on options for group coaching and/or 1:1 guidance from Amy

Why School of Regulation?

The School of Regulation is coming to life to bring all of my lived experience, healing practices, & regroovin’ methodologies to you—all in one place. 

My mission is to guide conscious humans like you, who have overcome incredibly hard stuff, done emotional healing work, grown immensely from trauma, and now want a way to keep up with the daily maintenance of managing your nervous system. 

I get how exhausting it is to feel like you need to keep up with all the things—and still feel like you’re on a merry-go-round, not quite where you want to be. 

The School of Regulation is THE place that houses all the practical tools you need to empower you to trust yourself and the foundation you’ve built. 

Here, you have access to the best trauma-trained programming you can find online, plus a like-minded community of strong individuals to connect with. 

This is the space I wish I had on my journey. 

After years of searching for the program I needed, I made my own.

About your Mentor

Amy Trauma-Trained Life & Business Coach & Addiction Recovery Expert trained in Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Inner Child & Attachment Healing, and a slew of other trauma-informed modalities. She is the founder of Regulate With Amy, Thrive in Recovery, and Head-Mistress of The School of Regulation. 

Amy started dreaming up her signature regroovin’ methodologies from a twin-sized bed in a treatment center in Northern California in 2014. Since then, her repertoire of healing tools has grown immensely, creating a wide and varied foundation based on nervous system regulation. 

Amy brings together conscious humans who have overcome trauma and are now doing the work of emotional healing and consistent growth so that they may live in self-trust, own their power, share their magic with the world, and create rich legacies. 

I am so deeply excited to welcome you into the community -- Amy 

Are you ready?

I’ve made all of the School of Regulation as accessible as possible because I believe we ALL deserve to heal. The school is affordable because I truly believe there should be no barriers to personal growth. 

The School of Regulation is designed for people who have spent time emotionally healing and who are now ready to make self-trust a way of life. 

If you are currently in the midst of crisis or trauma, if you are looking for the magic bullet to ‘fix you,’  if it’s your first time trying coaching or therapy, or if you’re not interested in being real with yourself or others

 The School of Regulation is probably not for you. 

However, if you want access to trauma-informed tools, programming, and mentorship for steady and progressive self-healing, all while connecting with a supportive community… 

We’ll see you in there!


Choose your membership option below.

It's your time to practice making self-trust and feeling safe to fulfill your Dreams your NEW way of life.